Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Education Projects of Rotary Club Chandigarh

The emphasis on education is self-evident when you talk with a member of Rotary Club Chandigarh. From their Vocational Training Center to their many government and private school projects, the Rotarians of Chandigarh recognize the importance of children.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The day begins with another bountiful breakfast from our host and hostess:  Aly-bhaji potato, Purie bread, Halwa (samolina)- suji, Papaya, fresh yogurt. All of these dishes are wonderful Indian dishes.  They excel in spices and flavor.
Free hand drawn henna tattoo which one of our team members opted to try.
Our first school visit, a government school for all ages, supported by Rotary Club Chandigarh.
Note the school's mission, and the two overriding principles, one on either side.
One of the classrooms at the government school.
PDG Madhu explaining the fresh drinking water and washing station in the background, a project jointly supported by Zone 34 Rotarians, Rotary Club Chandigarh, and The Rotary Foundation.
Team gathers at the Rotary Balwadi (school), supported and administered by Rotary Club Chandigarh.  The next several pictures are from this private school.

Many of the team members brought supplies such as pens, paper, crayons, pencils, etc., to share with the students and teachers.

We also took stickers for the children which were well received.  One member of the team brought a 'Polaroid' type Fuji camera for instant photos.  SHE was the biggest hit of all!

Computer lab at the Rotary Club Chandigarh run school.

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