Monday, January 9, 2017

Rotary Zone 33-34 Polio Warriors Prepare For Travel

For over 30 years, 1.2 million+ Rotarians around the world have been on a mission to eradicate polio from the planet. After investing over a billion US dollars and countless human hours, there are only three countries remaining as polio endemic. We WILL defeat Polio, only the second disease in the history of mankind to be eradicated!

To find out more about Polio, and our mission in its eradication, visit End Polio.

Part of our action plan includes National Immunization Days in endemic countries as well as those countries at high risk for reintroduction of the polio virus. India is a country which hasn't had a case of Polio since 2011.  However, the government of India, ensuring that the country remains polio free, sponsors National Immunization Days periodically, in which Rotarians from around the world work side by side with local health care workers and Rotarians in India to make sure every child under the age of 5 receives the vaccine.

On the 29th day of this month, we estimate that over 172 MILLION children will receive the Polio vaccine from Rotarians on the ground in India. Isn't that incredible?

In the coming month, you can follow along with our team of Rotarians who are committed to the cause of ALL Rotarians... to END POLIO NOW!

We invite you to join us on a daily basis as we travel across the planet to do some good in the world, the very mission of OUR Rotary Foundation.

Our Zone 33 Team Leader is Nancy Barbee, and our Zone 34 Team Leaders are Cynde & Barry Covington. While our teams will be together on parts of the trip, on some days, we are in completely different geographic regions. So you should see a lot of variety in our blog.

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