Monday, January 23, 2017

Zone 33 NID team in Calcutta

Submitted on Behalf of Nancy Barbee

What a day we've had today in Kolkata! 

Rotary Club of Calcutta Mahanagar sponsors an eye clinic that will perform 2500 eye surgeries this year! Rotary Club of Maysville in North Carolina partnered with them for a global grant this year and last making  total of over 4,000 eye surgeries! 

After this project, we visited a local school and help set up the classroom libraries! Past Rotary International Director Shekhar Metha instructed us on how to sort the books into the different grade levels and then put labels on them. 

Today is a holiday in West Bengal but the children readily came back to the school to greet us! They made baskets and drew cards for us. Our group loved interacting with the children and Jorge Jr. became a celebrity with the boys.

Past Rotary International Director Shekhar Metha, pictured in the center, explained the TEACH program to our group at lunch! These five Rotarians made a commitment to sponsor a Happy School. Thank you so much James Petersen, District Governor Janet Brown, Polio Plus Chair Colleen Bonadonna, District Governor Nominee Claudia Cannady, and District Membership Chair Peter Verbeech! 

Teacher Support
Adult Literacy
Child Development
Happy School

Wow! Thank you so much. You may never meet those whose lives you have touched but to Rotarians, it's in the giving that matters. You guys are awesome!


 Submitted by Nancy Barbee

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