Sunday, January 22, 2017

Exploring Religion in India

Today, we had the opportunity to explore Sikhism in India.

After a delightful breakfast meal with our host families, we went to the Rotary House with our host families.

Wonderful home cooked breakfast with our hosts.

Hosts for our teams are all over the city.  Our hosts are wonderful!
As we begin to congregate, the street peddler comes with a wonderful buggy of fresh veggies. He is door to door on a daily basis.

As we roll across the countryside, unfamiliar sights  fill the senses.

Like, the usage of seat belts. 

Like the enormous loudspeaker on top of the politician's mono rickshaw. 
Like the brightly colored trucks.  Like the moneys on a leash.  Like the roadside produce and fruit stands.
Like the Coca-Cola signs of our childhood. 

Religion in India is almost 80% Hindu, and over 14% Islam, for 94% of the population. Other religions rank as follows, according to Wikipedia:

Our trip today carried us to Virasat-E-Khalsa, a large complex which presents the long heritage of the Gurus and the Sikh beliefs, including the split of current day Pakistan from India in 1946. 

We also visited the Sikh Shrines of Anandpur Sahib & Kiratpur Sahib where we enjoyed a tasty meal, which is served daily to everyone who visits. Termed 'Langer', any devotee who comes must eat the meal as the belief is this food comes from God.

Our Hostess, Neeru, Kim, and Cynde

At these shrines, the women and men must have their heads covered, remove your shoes, and wash your feet before entering the shrines. 

Located at the foot of the Himalayas, the views are spectacular. 



  1. Awesome pics! It looks like Rotary is very prominent there by all the Rotary signs and symbols! The weather looks lovely...are you finding it hot? And that breakfast is it a standard family breakfast or made specially for guests ..looks yummy....Thank you both for sharing your amazing journey!

  2. Hi, Debbie. Breakfast is with our host family, not a public venue. It's almost like being home in Northeast Georgia as to weather. Low 50s, highs in 60s just now. Rotary IS very prominent in India, and the home club of PRIP Raja Saboo is the club with which we are conducting the Friendship Exchange in Chandigarh.